Jeanette Fraser’s goal was to return home for her granddaughter’s first birthday.

Jeanette Fraser is a 55-year-old occupational health nurse. She enjoys working out and lifting weights, photography, and hiking. Most of all, Jeanette enjoys spending time with her family. She seemed to be a perfectly healthy individual.

One day at her job, Jeanette began throwing up and experienced radiating chest pain. She went to the hospital where procedures revealed a duodenal diverticulum. Major complications from the procedure ensued, including a bile/pancreatic duct injury, pancreatic fistula, and multiple intra-abdominal and abdominal wall abscesses.

Facing a challenging road to recovery, Jeanette came to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital (NCLTAH). She chose NCLTAH because it was close to her home and her family could visit often.

Jeanette’s goal was to get home for her granddaughter’s first birthday. This was one of the main motivators for Jeanette during her recovery. The other motivation arrived from Australia. Jeanette’s daughter and two grandkids came from Australia and visited her daily.

While at NCLTAH, much of the staff made an impact on Jeanette. “The doctors were great at collaborating with my surgeon and neurologist,” she recalled. “The nursing staff was responsive. The case manager was awesome, making my experience flawless with appointments and discharge planning. The therapists helped me gain my strength and balance back so I could return home. They even let me choose my therapy activities, which made the experience better.”

Jeanette is excited to get back to her prior life — going out to dinner with her husband, getting back to work and driving. But most of all, it means spending time with her precious family. Proudly, Jeanette met her goal of returning home in time for her granddaughter’s first birthday!