Gary Wells required a specialty hospital to care for his complex wounds and respiratory needs.

Gary Wells and his girlfriend of eight years love their quiet, small-town life in Platteville, CO. Gary enjoyed spending his time with the Ford V8 club and with his two dogs. Gary, 56, has been disabled for years as a result of multiple injuries from his past as a football player and construction worker.

One day, an infection brought Gary to the local acute care hospital. Doctors diagnosed him with Fournier’s gangrene, a particularly life-threatening form of necrotizing fasciitis. Gary underwent multiple surgeries, leaving him with complex wound care needs. He also became severely debilitated, contracted sepsis, and suffered both acute and chronic respiratory failure.

Facing a long and difficult recovery, Gary needed to transfer to a new hospital. He required a hospital that could provide proper wound care while managing his complex medical needs. His girlfriend toured multiple facilities in search of the right one. Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital impressed her. Gary affirmed her choice. He appreciated that the clinical liaisons checked on him daily.

Gary transferred to NCLTAH and began to make great progress. The staff made an immediate and lasting impression on him. “All the nurses are great and care so much about the patients here,” Gary reflected. “They have always been here for me, on my good days, and also my harder days. The wound care RN, Nikki, helps any way she can. She is very competent with wound care. Dr. Pearson and Dr. Masotti always have positive attitudes and are straight forward.”

A strong support system also played an important role. Friends and family provided the ultimate motivation for Gary’s recovery. His first goal is to return home with his girlfriend and their dogs. Then, Gary has his sights set on regaining enough strength to be independent once again.