Majorie Gilbert credits her recovery to prayer, family support, and the healing environment at NCLTAH.

75-year-old Marjorie Gilbert spends her days caring for others in Arvada, CO. Four days a week, she works as a senior caregiver with Home Instead Senior Care. On a fifth day, she works as a nanny for a little girl. The rest of her time is filled with things she loves. Marjorie is a member of the Red Hat Society, attends a weekly bible study, makes greeting cards, knits, plays the keyboard and piano, and bakes. Her three grown children and her grandchildren live nearby, and Marjorie loves spending time with them

Those are the things that have kept Marjorie going after her car accident.

Marjorie was involved in a single-vehicle accident. Her car swerved off the road and into a ditch. Marjorie suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash, including a spontaneous intraparenchymal brain hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, and acute hypoxic respiratory failure.

It became clear during Marjorie’s initial hospitalization that she would need high-level medical care for an extended period of time. Her family began researching long-term acute care hospitals. That led them to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital. They chose NCLTAH because of patient testimonials and a low nurse-to-patient ratio.

Eleven days after the accident, Marjorie admitted to NCLTAH and made great progress in her recovery. “Marjorie took such good care of herself prior to the accident, and stayed active, so she had reserve when this happened,” said Dr. Pearson, medical director at NCLTAH. “That is why she is recovering so well!”

Marjorie also credits her recovery to a lot of prayer and the involvement of family and friends, as well as the healing environment at NCLTAH.

“All the caregivers are so happy and always laughing,” Marjorie said with a smile. “Everyone is so positive! The PCTs and RNs are top notch and I wish I could take all of them home with me. They check on me all the time and meet all my needs!”

“Success is setting a goal and getting beyond that goal,” Marjorie stated, adding that she feels she succeeded at NCLTAH.

Upon completion of her stay, Marjorie discharged to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. The goal is to regain strength before going home. Marjorie can’t wait to get home and back to her normal life. Excited to see her family and friends again, Marjorie can’t wait to go on a picnic with them!