To say no one anticipated what 2020 had in store would be an understatement. This is especially true of COVID-19 and its many repercussions.

Linda is no exception.

Linda was in need of a hip replacement that was delayed due to the concerns surrounding COVID-19. After a gradual decline in her mobility and cognition, her husband, Pat, took her to the hospital.

Doctors diagnosed Linda with a severe infection that started in her hip and spread to most of her spine. This started a long and lengthy recovery before Linda could have her hip replacement. After more than nine surgeries, several weeks of IV antibiotics, and over five weeks on life support, she finally began to improve. Linda finally got her hip replacement.

After the procedure, Linda knew therapy would be a challenge. Not only had she been bedridden for weeks, but the surgeons needed to remove a great deal of muscle and bone tissue due to the infection. When Linda arrived at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital she began to eat, breathe, and start the process of walking again.

Pat advises from their experience that patients and their families should “listen to their gut”. He also believes that it is incredibly important to surround yourself with a support system and share your story with them. When going through challenging times, it is so important to rely on those around you for support.

Pat’s “take away” was that the medical staff are amazing. He credits their attitude and care as what helped them find the root of the problem.