Noel and Vicky Rath chose NCLTAH for his recovery following respiratory failure

Noel Rath and his wife, Vicky, have been married for eight years. They live in Saint Francis, Kansas, where Noel works as a rancher and farm — a job he loves. Noel, 54, also loves being with his family and friends, including five kids and six grandkids.

Hospitalized for an emergent aortic dissection repair, Noel experienced complications, including respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. He had a tracheostomy placed and required a ventilator to breathe. Noel would need an extended hospitalization due to these complications.

Vicky began researching facilities for the next phase of Noel’s recovery, including Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital (NCLTAH). A tour of the facility with Kristin Klipp, RN, a marketing coordinator at NCLTAH, confirmed the many great things Vicky heard about the hospital. She knew that NCLTAH was the right place for Noel to heal.

Noel transferred to NCLTAH and began to make significant progress. “My stay has been absolutely great,” he shared. “Everyone has been so helpful, and anything I need, there is always a staff member to help! Everyone has been so personable.”

“The nurses are great advocates and really understand medications,” Noel added. “Wound care was wonderful, and it was very helpful that general surgeon, Dr. Blomquist, would consult on the wound every Monday.”

Upon completion of his stay at NCLTAH, Noel transferred to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital to gain more strength and endurance before safely returning home. He can’t wait to return to being a rancher and seeing his family and friends. Noel just had a new barn built and is excited to see it in person!

Noel looks forward to returning home to his family, friends, and the ranch
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