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Michael Meske

Michael recently suffered acute respiratory failure, where the lungs don’t release enough oxygen into the blood, thus affecting the body’s organs. He chose to receive treatment at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital…

Laurie Groves

This past summer, Laurie’s life changed when she had pneumonia and went into respiratory failure. She was placed on a ventilator and had to have a tracheostomy…

Edward Castaneda

Before his accident, 46-year-old Edward Castaneda from Fort Collins, Colo., was working full-time doing interior remodeling. He enjoyed drawing, playing football, camping, and spending time with his spouse, three children, and one grandson…

Ryan Kauk

After complications from a urinary tract infection, Ryan received monitoring and antibiotic management at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Care Hospital.


Local Hospitals Help Return Gillette Man Home

When Christopher Lauck of Gillette, Wyo., mixed CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust remover) with bleach this past summer, the result was life-threatening. The 32-year-old coal mine equipment operator went into respiratory failure after breathing in the fumes. Respiratory failure occurs when there isn’t enough oxygen passing from the lungs into the body’s bloodstream, which creates the […]


Outdoor Enthusiast Returns
to the Great Outdoors

Local Hospitals Return Outdoor Enthusiast to the Outdoors From mountain biking to hiking to camping, 51-year-old Marty Wood of Lusk, Wyo., spent much of his free time enjoying the outdoors. When he wasn’t racing down the sides of mountains on his bike, he took on another thrilling and challenging task, being a high school principal. […]