Michael recently suffered acute respiratory failure, where the lungs don’t release enough oxygen into the blood, thus affecting the body’s organs. He chose to receive treatment at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital…

This past summer, Laurie’s life changed when she had pneumonia and went into respiratory failure. She was placed on a ventilator and had to have a tracheostomy…

Before his accident, 46-year-old Edward Castaneda from Fort Collins, Colo., was working full-time doing interior remodeling. He enjoyed drawing, playing football, camping, and spending time with his spouse, three children, and one grandson…

After complications from a urinary tract infection, Ryan received monitoring and antibiotic management at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Care Hospital.

Facing a difficult recovery after contracting pneumonia & sepsis, Elva admitted to NCLTAH

Elva German, 65, has been a resident of Longmont, Colorado for the last thirty years. Elva and her husband, Curt, have four children and six grandchildren. Retired, Elva remains active by paddleboarding, biking, and doing yoga.

Then, one day, Elva’s life turned upside-down when she began coughing up blood. She was admitted to a local acute care hospital and diagnosed with influenza and bacterial pneumonia. During her stay, Elva contracted sepsis and required the use of a ventilator to breathe.

With Elva facing a difficult recovery and an extended hospitalization, her family chose a transfer to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital in Johnstown. Elva’s son had previously been a patient at NCLTAH and received “wonderful care” during his stay.

The critical care hospital proved to be just what Elva needed to advance her recovery.

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In need of specialized wound care while on dialysis, Paul chose NCLTAH for his recovery from a recent hospitalization

For the past 18 years, Paul Grimmer has lived in Longmont, Colorado. Married for 45 years to the love of his life, Paul recently retired from owning a research company. He loves programming computers, oldies music, walking, going on drives, and going to the mountains. He’s interested in opening up a new research and development company in Texas.

But a recent hospitalization nearly put all of that to an end. Paul admited to a local acute care hospital, where he was diagnosed with sepsis, MSSA bacteremia, and an infected sacral wound. He also lives with end-stage renal disease and is on dialysis.

Paul transferred to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital to continue advancing his recovery. His case manager at the acute care hospital recommended NCLTAH for excellent wound care and nursing and the ability to offer in-house dialysis.

“The nurses and PCTs have all been incredibly helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable,” Paul said about his experience at NCLTAH. “The therapy has been great, always willing to help and get me out of bed and into my chair.”

Paul made significant progress and looks forward to returning home with the ability to walk and drive again.

Noel and Vicky Rath chose NCLTAH for his recovery following respiratory failure

Noel Rath and his wife, Vicky, have been married for eight years. They live in Saint Francis, Kansas, where Noel works as a rancher and farm — a job he loves. Noel, 54, also loves being with his family and friends, including five kids and six grandkids.

Hospitalized for an emergent aortic dissection repair, Noel experienced complications, including respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. He had a tracheostomy placed and required a ventilator to breathe. Noel would need an extended hospitalization due to these complications.

Vicky began researching facilities for the next phase of Noel’s recovery, including Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital (NCLTAH). A tour of the facility with Kristin Klipp, RN, a marketing coordinator at NCLTAH, confirmed the many great things Vicky heard about the hospital. She knew that NCLTAH was the right place for Noel to heal.

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Complications following heart surgery led Paul to NCLTAH

Retirement has been enjoyable for 82-year-old Paul Elder of Bozeman, Montana. Paul spends his days working in his yard, traveling, fly fishing, fixing things around the house, and spending time with his wife of 50 years. Paul is also a father to two daughters and a grandfather to four grandchildren.

Paul recently underwent a mitral valve repair at the recommendation of his physician, who diagnosed Paul with severe mitral regurgitation. This condition is a backflow of blood caused by failure of the heart’s mitral valve to close tightly and coronary artery disease.

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When a knee infection led to septic shock and other complications, Luis chose NCLTAH to help him recover

Luis Pagan moved to Fort Collins in 2005 with his significant other of 32 years and his two children. The 64-year-old loves woodworking, fixing electronics, hiking, and traveling.

One March day, Luis’s life dramatically changed when he began to feel weak and fell on the floor at home. Unable to get up, Luis was taken by ambulance to the acute care hospital. The day before, Luis had done a five-mile hike and felt fine.

It turned out that Luis had a knee infection which caused septic shock. Unfortunately, Luis experienced many complications during his initial hospitalization, including respiratory issues, blood clots, and renal failure.

Looking ahead to the next phase of his recovery, Luis spoke with Arba Boci, a clinical liaison at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital (NCLTAH). Luis felt good about what they discussed and chose to transfer to NCLTAH.

“Everyone works together to help each other out,” Luis said about the NCLTAH, a critical care hospital. “It’s been such a great environment.”

Luis offered lots of praise for the NCLTAH staff, which significantly impacted him during his stay.

“I loved all the nurses, PCTs, and Dr. Pearson. They were incredible! Dr. Pearson was empathetic, compassionate, friendly, and always makes you feel like a friend and not just a patient. The CEO, Brenda Simon, was awesome and so personable. The PCTs, Dylan Seagren, Isaiah Parker, Erica Johnson, and Kamika Kieler, went above and beyond with caring for me. The nurses, Kelly Parkhouse and Katie Martin, have been great! They are so positive and have a great attitude. Amy Oestmann (OT) was incredible and helped me progress from having a lot of pain initially to getting more active.”

After several weeks, Luis transferred across campus to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital.

Luis saw his family grow close as a result of his hospitalization and is excited to return home to them soon. He is particularly excited to go out to eat, cook (he loves making international cuisine), and, most of all, get back to hiking with his significant other.

Andrew Pacheco looks forward to returning home after recovering from a fall from his wheelchair.

Eight years ago, Andrew Pacheco sustained a spinal cord injury (T10-T12),  resulting in paraplegia. Though now in a wheelchair, the 60-year-old from Pueblo continues to live an active life. Andrew works as a maintenance tech and enjoys fishing, car shows, and spending time with his brothers, son, and daughter.

Then, one day, Andrew fell out of his motorized wheelchair. He suffered fractures to his femur and his left tibia and fibula in the fall. In need of extended hospitalization, Andrew’s daughter began researching their options. She chose Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital for several reasons. First, the hospital was clean. Second, the large 6,000 sq. ft. therapy gym would benefit her father’s recovery. And the outcomes data was great, allowing her to feel confident in the care her Andrew would receive.

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