Frequently Asked Questions

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What is critical care?

When you are brought to the hospital for a serious medical incident such as a heart attack or brain injury, the treatment you receive there is called “acute” care, or care that is provided to address a severe or emergent medical issue. Traditional hospitals are designed to diagnose and stabilize individuals with acute medical problems. They typically do not expect their patients to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. In some cases though, patients require more time to recover in a hospital setting before they can safely return home. Most traditional hospitals are not designed to facilitate care for an extended period, so they will refer these patients to another care provider. When patients require continued hospitalization for the management of complex medical issues, they may be referred to a critical care hospital, sometimes called a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH), like Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital.

Our hospital is built to meet the needs of patients who require longer recovery periods in a hospital setting. Critical care hospitals specialize in treating serious respiratory, cardiac, multi-system, neurological, infectious disease, and wound healing issues, among other conditions. Our goal is to help patients advance their recovery as much as possible during their hospital stay.


Why should I choose Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital?

Patients are our priority.

At Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital, we are passionate about patient care. We consider it a privilege to be able to provide services to patients and their families throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska. We are committed to providing the highest level of care available, and never take our responsibility to our patients for granted.

We strive to create healing and nurturing environments for our patients that not only meet their medical needs, but address their emotional and social needs as well.
We believe that this comprehensive approach helps our patients recover more fully.

Our hospital is recognized nationally for our respiratory services, meeting stringent guidelines that put us in the top 15 percent of hospitals nationwide.

We consider it a privilege to be able to offer high-level care and are honored to be a vital part of Northern Colorado and the surrounding area that we serve.

How long has Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital been around?

Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital has been providing critical care services to our patients since 2007.

Every year, we treat more than 200 patients who are recovering from serious injuries or illnesses.

How do I get referred to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital?

Your physician or a healthcare provider will coordinate your continued critical care, so it’s important to discuss your options and preferences with them. You may request Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital through your physician or a healthcare provider who will take the proper steps to coordinate your care with us.
To ensure we are the best fit for your medical needs, all potential patients are evaluated individually to ensure an appropriate admission to the right hospital setting for their recovery.

Can I go to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital even if I do not live in Northern Colorado?

Yes. We treat patients throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska. The hospital’s location was selected intentionally so that we can best provide services to the Johnstown, Colorado community we are in and surrounding areas as well.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. Please click below to pay your bill online.


Can I stay overnight with a loved one in the hospital?

Yes. Family members are allowed, however, we encourage only one overnight guest as your loved one will need time for rest and healing. Please work closely with your loved one’s nurse to make arrangements.

Also, for those who would like a place to stay nearby, we have negotiated discounted rates at Hampton Inn Loveland, Fairfield Inn and Suites Loveland, Residence Inn Loveland, and Best Western Crossroads Inn Loveland. Mention that you are a family member of a patient of Ernest Health/Northern Colorado Long-Term Acute Care Hospital when you make your reservation or at check-in.

Can I be involved with my loved one’s treatment?

Yes. You may be involved in your loved one’s treatment with his or her permission. We feel it’s critical for patients and their family members to be involved with our medical staff as much as possible.

Our medical professionals work as a team with our patients and their family members to create individualized treatment plans so our patients can recover fully.

If I have a concern about my treatment, who should I contact?

Your satisfaction with our services during your recovery process is very important to us. During your stay, if there is anything we can do to make your stay more conducive to your healing process – or if you have a question or concern – we encourage you to talk to any member of your medical team or the leadership staff.

How can I apply for a career at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital?

We keep an updated list of career opportunities available through our web site. Please click here to learn more or to apply.