Michael Meske

Success Story

Michael Meske is a 61-year-old retired electrical engineer from Longmont, Colo. He has been married to his wife, Laurie, for 39 years and has two children, two grandchildren, a dog, and two cats that he adores. He’s an avid bicyclist and enjoys being part of a model train group that builds displays for shows.

Michael recently suffered acute respiratory failure, where the lungs don’t release enough oxygen into the blood, thus affecting the body’s organs. He chose to receive treatment at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital (NCLTAH), a facility he was familiar with and trusted due to his previous experience as a patient. The hospital is Joint-Commission certified in respiratory failure.

Michael praises the staff at NCLTAH for their passion and focus on his individualized treatment goals. “Drs. Pearson and Blake gave me great advice and answered any questions that I had,” he says. “I also enjoyed going to the cafeteria and socializing with other patients who became friends.”

Michael’s journey to recovery continues with rehabilitative care that will be provided at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. He eagerly anticipates returning home to spend time with his family and resume his hobbies of building model trains and bicycling.