Doug Cermack

Doug felt confident returning to NCLTAH after his first experience was so positive.

In 2014, Doug Cermack got into a car accident that left him wheelchair-bound. He spent time at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital to recover. Since then, he has been doing physical therapy three times per week.

At 67-years-old, Doug lives in Lusk, Wyoming with his wife, Anna, their son, two cats, and one dog. He likes to take advantage of their vast acreage for target shooting. When it comes to family time, Doug enjoys getting out of the house to go out to dinner.

Life was going well for Doug’s continued recovery until he developed pressure ulcers. This led to a diagnosis of osteomyelitis requiring another hospitalization. Because of his positive experience with NCLTAH, he was quick to return. He explained, “I had great luck here prior, and I just really like this place. It feels like home.”

During his month-long stay at NCLTAH, Doug worked with a full team to achieve his recovery goals. “The doctors are great at spending time with me and talking to me. They really know what they are doing! The RNs and PCTs are really good, and the therapists keep me moving.” He also saw a wound care physician weekly to review wound care and management.

Doug looks forward to returning home with his family and can’t wait to see his animals. His main goal for the future is to stay healthy! He stated, “NCLTAH has been extremely helpful in my recovery and I wouldn’t choose any other facility.”

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